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Future design icons at New Designers 2011 London


Last week I visited New Designers 2011 in London for the first time, an exhibition showcasing more than 3,500 newly graduated designers from across the UK. I visited the second part, which covered (amongst others): Furniture Design, Spatial Design and One Year On. The latter consisting of 50 selected designers who are one year on into their business. My overall impression of the exhibition was: wow! So much creativity in one building and lots of refreshing and innovative designs. It was nearly too much to handle and after 4 hours I left exhausted, but most of all very inspired.

Some of the graduate designs I particularly liked were the ‘Florence’ coffee table by Yvette Cox containing 13 steam bended ash wooden legs, the Prop-Er Benches by Oscar Medley- Whitfield containing three benches with differing surface heights, the Nepa Lamp by Giles Godwin- Brown which transforms a 2-dimensional lamp silhouette into  a 3-dimensional functioning lamp and the Luso Lounger by James Uren, a ‘modern reinterpretation of the chaise lounge’. There were also many interior design projects presented, and it was the creativity and unique approaches of these designs that struck me. In the One Year On area there was the interesting knitted structure creation by textile designer Orawee Choedamphai. Also at One Year On I found these beautiful cushions and wallpapers from Imogen Heath.

I’m not doing any justice to all the other beautiful designs, but that there were simply too many. I’m looking forward to seeing these designers becoming very successful and becoming big names in the future!

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