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Interior Design for a luxurious city apartment in London

I recently developed a design concept for a luxurious city apartment in London. Above you find a snapshot of the design concept. To explain a little more about what I did and why, find my ‘design philosophy’ below.

The Tower, at the beautiful location of St. George Wharf on the London Thames river, is a unique building in many ways. Its shape, its location and the construction techniques taking into account environmental sustainability. While creating a concept for an apartment in this building, I tried to make optimal use of these unique features, while also taking into account the lifestyle of a busy international client.

The concept I created is based on the following: comfort, 5 star luxury, style, modern, timeless and international. In addition I considered and integrated the latest home technology features based on ease, need and sustainability.

The provided structural layout of the apartment was inspired by the form of a Catherine wheel and was therefore slightly unusual, but above all unique. To emphasise the uniqueness, I elaborated on the form of the Catherine wheel when developing the floor plan. As a result the layout provides a natural consistency with the structure of the building.

In general, the layout is chosen based on the optimal use of light and views. Therefore, I tried to optimise the spaces that will be frequently used by situating them at the window side. The spaces that are not directly situated at the window side will still have a substantial amount of natural light, due to an open plan kitchen/ dining/living space. In addition there are sliding doors to the bedrooms, which provide a view all the way from the entrance/ hall (through the bedrooms) to outside when they are open.

Upon entering the apartment through the hall, with practical elements as storage and mirrors, you will arrive in the open plan kitchen/dining/living area. The kitchen, with a cooking island and attached seating area, is ultra modern with the latest technological features integrated. Features include smart appliances (that allow for remote cooking), an instant boiled water tap and a coffee machine which operates based on fingerprint allowing for individual preferences. The dining area is situated between the kitchen area and the living space and is spacious to allow for entertaining guests. The living area consists of a lounge area and a reading area. The lounge area has a large sofa and a television unit which allows the television to vertically slide in completely so it becomes invisible. The reading area is situated at the sky garden, an area with sliding windows and glass at two sides, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful views. There are two bedrooms, both situated at the window side of the apartment. Both bedrooms have an en-suite bathroom, both provided with interactive mirrors showing news, weather, traffic, etc. The first bedroom is slightly bigger, with a toilet and dressing room, and could be considered as the master bedroom.

Elaborating on the pioneering agenda of the Tower with regards to environmental sustainability, throughout the apartment there are several technological features that help decrease the environmental footprint. Such as: movement tracking (based on motion sensors) allowing for lighting and temperature adjustments (switching lights off and decrease temperature when a space is not in use) and applications tied into a smart grid to see and track electricity use and water saving. Also, there will be an intelligent system to save, purify and reuse wash and bath water. Sustainability was also taken into account when choosing the materials. Examples are a recycled glass kitchen worktop and eco-paints.

Overall, this apartment is the perfect place for comfort and luxury, a place that is functional and beautiful, and with the latest technologies integrated to help make life easier. It suits the lifestyle of a busy international client perfectly.

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  • December 27, 2011 at 12:05 pm // Reply

    Hello Bianca

    I was very interested to read this blog and look at your gorgeous design concept as I visited The Tower last month with the BIID for a tour of the show rooms. I am just starting out in the world of interior design as a freelancer after many years of office work as it has been my passion for a very long time and I am finally taking the plunge, having given up my office job in August this year. I love your website, it is very inspirational and looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

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