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Bianca Noordhuizen is the founder of North House Design Ltd. After having worked in corporate finance and business development in the Netherlands, where she was born, Bianca came to London and decided to follow her dream and change her career into what has long been her passion. She studied Interior Design at the University of the Arts followed by additional courses at KLC School of Design before starting her own company.

She has experience in project management and identifying business opportunities based on innovative concepts and has worked with a wide variety of large organisations as well as startups. Especially working with entrepreneurs and designers taught her how to unleash her creativity. With university degrees in the field of mathematics and economics, she combines a technical background with a client based approach. She likes to really put herself in the shoes of the client. Her approach to design is that it can have a positive impact on someone’s wellbeing, which can be achieved by really understanding someone’s lifestyle and find out what’s best for the client.

Always full of ideas and energy, Bianca is very passionate about her work and everything she does. With a curious personality, and a love for design and innovation, she is continuously looking for new trends and inspiration, both in London and abroad. She likes to push herself and find creative ways to achieve the impossible.

Bianca’s style is modern, aesthetical yet functional, with a love for natural finishes.

If you’re looking for interior design advice or a unique piece of furniture then don’t wait longer and get in touch!