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Wall stickers that will make you smile



While I was working on the interior design for a bedroom, I was searching the web for inspiration (as you do sometimes) and stumbled upon these wall stickers. I find the texts either sweet, true or inspirational and thought I’d share them here.

They are inexpensive, easy and quick to apply, and often customisable too. Smiles guaranteed!

Image sources: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right

Interior Design for a luxurious city apartment in London

I recently developed a design concept for a luxurious city apartment in London. Above you find a snapshot of the design concept. To explain a little more about what I did and why, find my ‘design philosophy’ below.

The Tower, at the beautiful location of St. George Wharf on the London Thames river, is a unique building in many ways. Its shape, its location and the construction techniques taking into account environmental sustainability. While creating a concept for an apartment in this building, I tried to make optimal use of these unique features, while also taking into account the lifestyle of a busy international client.

The concept I created is based on the following: comfort, 5 star luxury, style, modern, timeless and international. In addition I considered and integrated the latest home technology features based on ease, need and sustainability.

The provided structural layout of the apartment was inspired by the form of a Catherine wheel and was therefore slightly unusual, but above all unique. To emphasise the uniqueness, I elaborated on the form of the Catherine wheel when developing the floor plan. As a result the layout provides a natural consistency with the structure of the building. Read The Rest

Pure C- a resto bar and beautifully designed sanctuary



A beautifully designed interior in the Netherlands for some Friday inspiration. If you only love this design half as much as I do, I’m sure this will make you happy. Pure C is the name of this brasserie/resto bar, which is part of the Strandhotel. It’s located in Cadzand (in the Dutch province of Zeeland), pretty much on the border with Belgium. It’s surrounded by dunes, right at the North Sea.

I absolutely love everything about this interior: the colours, the materials, the layout, the furniture (by Piet Boon). Belgium interior designer Lieven Musschoot created different zones, where you can eat or lounge. One zone is characterised by white with contrasting colours and a screed floor, which with its concrete look gives it an urban feel. The other zone is characterised by contrasting elements such as wooden floors and stone walls, and has a more cozy look and feel.

It’s run by Sergio Herman, one of Holland’s best chefs. Besides his culinary interests he has a love for Ibiza, of which you can see elements in the interior. The building with all the glass, brings the natural environment inside, and is a place which you could call a sanctuary.

Image source: Lieven Musschoot

Top picks from Tent London 2011



The London Design Festival has come to an end, unfortunately. With bags full of information and a head full of inspiration, it’s now back to business! During the festival, a visit to Tent was high on my list, and it proved to be right up my street. As a result, there is simply too much I want to share, so here are just a few things I liked:

  • the ‘Festival’ mix and match tableware design collection of Mini Moderns, a collaboration with homeware brand Magpie.
  • the DEK table lamp by Khairul Hussin, where the coiling of the cord (usually the ugly part) has become part of the design. The lamp is made of recycled felt and oak wood.
  • the concrete collection by Ivanka Studio, including their stunning floor/wall tiles.
  • La Bibliochaise by Nobody & Co is a chair and bookstorage at the same time. It has hidden wheels and the leather cushions colors are customisable.

There were so many things I liked about Tent: the cutting-edge products, the innovation, and even the location (the Old Truman Brewery). I wish I didn’t have to wait a whole year!

Bloggers Meet Up Woonbeurs Amsterdam



Last weekend I had my very first bloggers meet up in Amsterdam. The meet up was at the Woonbeurs, the Dutch exhibition when it comes to homes and living. The Woonbeurs is organised by Sanoma, publisher of Dutch home magazines such as VT Wonen, 101 Woonideeen, Ariadne at Home, Eigen Huis & Interieur and More Than Classic. I once did an internship at Sanoma, I used to live in Amsterdam, I blog and love anything design related. So enough reasons to fly especially to Amsterdam to attend and it was well worth it.

After receiving our press badges in the press room (first time and I have to admit it felt pretty cool), it was time to explore the fair. What is nice about the Woonbeurs is that each magazine has a house on the fair which is designed and decorated according to their particular style. Editors in chief of magazines VT Wonen and 101 Woonideeen welcomed us in ‘their’ houses. Above you see an impression of the VT Wonen house, one of my favourites because of the industrial and funky look.

If you want to find out what Dutch design is all about, the Woonbeurs is open until October 2nd!

An impression of Maison & Objet Paris 2011


It has already two weeks ago that I visited Maison & Objet in Paris. And ever since my visit my bag full of flyers, brochures and business cards has been sitting in my room waiting to be unpacked. September surely is the busiest month for design lovers. With Paris Design Week barely finished, the London Design Festival is already in full swing. And in between there are events in other countries which I don’t want to miss. My friends are not seeing much of me as I go from one exhibition to another and in the mean time trying to keep up with my blog. So stay tuned, as you will be swamped with posts the coming week(s)!

This year was my first visit to Maison & Objet. Not having learned from Salone del Mobile in Milan I planned again a one day trip, which I won’t recommend. One day is simply not enough as there were 9 halls and after about 4 your feet start to protest (don’t know if that is proper English, but you get the point..). I tried to sqeeuze in as much as possible in a day and as I was rushing my way past all the stands I noticed a few themes:

  • Combination of (seemingly) untreated wood and shiny metal
  • Upcycled furniture and accessories
  • Studio lights with an industrial look
  • Supersized items that make a statement
  • Denim (more on the blog about this soon!)

Read The Rest

Making your house a home- Adding a personal touch to your interior

How often do you see houses in magazines or on television that look more like ‘show homes’ than real homes? Technically speaking a home is a place where someone lives permanently. On the softer side of things a house is not a home until it has a positive effect on how you feel.

When you just moved to a new house, or are staying somewhere temporarily, that warm feeling that a home should give you doesn’t always come naturally.

Creating an interior that completely matches your style and needs and gives you this warm feeling can be time consuming. With these simple styling tricks you can create an instant ‘home’ effect with only a little amount of effort.

  • Select pictures of pleasant memories and people you love. For a nice effect, create a picture wall by placing a selection of picture frames together.
  • Fresh flowers smell nice and look great. They breathe life into a space. Place them in a prominent spot for maximum enjoyment. Read The Rest

Baked and ready to launch: The Muffin Pouffe

Only a few days left until The London Design Festival starts. During 9 days, more than 280 events across 25 design disciplines will be held across London. With so many events, getting the most out of the festival requires some rigorous planning. What definitely should be on the agenda is a visit to Tent London: a progressive exhibition where you can see the latest contemporary interior products. One product that will be launched during Tent London, and that should definitely be on your ‘must see’ list is the Muffin Pouffe.

The Muffin Pouffe is a brand new product design from Matteo Bianchi, Italian born designer and Director of Daruma Design Ltd. Having been very successful as an interior designer (and in my opinion ‘one to watch’) Matteo turned his hand to furniture design, of which the Muffin Pouffe is the result.

As the name suggests, it’s a muffin and a pouffe, but it’s more than that. As Matteo describes it: “This luscious and functional cushioned stool is not just a regular seating item, it is humorous and stylish, bursting personality, and it also includes a hidden storage. Made with the finest materials, prime-cut leather from North Italy area of Veneto and optimum solid woods, the feeling you get couldn’t be more overjoyed. These ingredients give you unlimited options in finishings and colors for you to bake your own Muffin, according to one’s personal taste!”

I asked Matteo who he sees as his typical customer Read The Rest

A Missoni for Everyone

When I heard that an exclusive Missoni for Target collection would be launched, I was beyond excited! Missoni, the beautiful Italian luxury brand known for its knitwear and colourful patterned fabrics, is one of my favourite brands. And if it weren’t for the price tags I would probably actually own some Missoni products. So I was very happy to hear about their collaboration with Target Corporation, a discount department store chain from the United States. Until I realised the collection will only be sold in the United States..

The limited edition collection consists of fashion and home products and will be available from tomorrow September,13th (in the US). With products ranging in price from $2.99 to $599.99 (but most products costing less than $40) you can have a real Missoni for an affordable price. The products are available in store and online. Let’s find out if they ship internationally, there may be hope after all! Read The Rest

Hôtel Americano- a New York hotel for design lovers



The title of this blog post subtly (or unsubtly) reveals what has been on my mind lately: New York! The Decorex Loves Bloggers contest is in full swing, and only a few days until the announcement who will be going to New York next year. With such great competition the chances are slim, but a girl may dream right?

One hotel that I would certainly like to visit one day, is Hôtel Americano. This hotel has just recently opened (in fact, reservations are accepted as of this week), and belongs to Mexican hotel chain Grupo Habita. Mexico-City based architect Enrique Norten of TEN Arquitectos and Paris-based interior designer Arnaud Montigny of MCH created a hotel that is a combination of industrial Manhattan and Latino warmth.

The hotel has 56 rooms and suites and features an outdoor rooftop pool (which becomes a thermal bath in winter), two restaurants and three bars. The hotel is located in Chelsea, a neighbourhood in Manhattan, which is known for its art galleries and its rehabilitated warehouses. It’s not a very touristic area, so staying in this hotel will let you experience life as a real New Yorker. Read The Rest

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