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Pure C- a resto bar and beautifully designed sanctuary



A beautifully designed interior in the Netherlands for some Friday inspiration. If you only love this design half as much as I do, I’m sure this will make you happy. Pure C is the name of this brasserie/resto bar, which is part of the Strandhotel. It’s located in Cadzand (in the Dutch province of Zeeland), pretty much on the border with Belgium. It’s surrounded by dunes, right at the North Sea.

I absolutely love everything about this interior: the colours, the materials, the layout, the furniture (by Piet Boon). Belgium interior designer Lieven Musschoot created different zones, where you can eat or lounge. One zone is characterised by white with contrasting colours and a screed floor, which with its concrete look gives it an urban feel. The other zone is characterised by contrasting elements such as wooden floors and stone walls, and has a more cozy look and feel.

It’s run by Sergio Herman, one of Holland’s best chefs. Besides his culinary interests he has a love for Ibiza, of which you can see elements in the interior. The building with all the glass, brings the natural environment inside, and is a place which you could call a sanctuary.

Image source: Lieven Musschoot

Bloggers Meet Up Woonbeurs Amsterdam



Last weekend I had my very first bloggers meet up in Amsterdam. The meet up was at the Woonbeurs, the Dutch exhibition when it comes to homes and living. The Woonbeurs is organised by Sanoma, publisher of Dutch home magazines such as VT Wonen, 101 Woonideeen, Ariadne at Home, Eigen Huis & Interieur and More Than Classic. I once did an internship at Sanoma, I used to live in Amsterdam, I blog and love anything design related. So enough reasons to fly especially to Amsterdam to attend and it was well worth it.

After receiving our press badges in the press room (first time and I have to admit it felt pretty cool), it was time to explore the fair. What is nice about the Woonbeurs is that each magazine has a house on the fair which is designed and decorated according to their particular style. Editors in chief of magazines VT Wonen and 101 Woonideeen welcomed us in ‘their’ houses. Above you see an impression of the VT Wonen house, one of my favourites because of the industrial and funky look.

If you want to find out what Dutch design is all about, the Woonbeurs is open until October 2nd!

Riviera Maison Concept Store in Amsterdam



When I was in Amsterdam recently, I couldn’t resist popping by the lovely concept store of Riviera Maison. I used to live pretty much around the corner of the store and often went there for some inspiration or for the perfect birthday gift. My timing could have been better, as the store was having its final sale and was in the middle of a ‘re-design’ with ‘work in progress’ signs everywhere. Hmm. Fortunately I managed to take some pictures not showing any red labels or work in progress.

What makes this store special is that it is a lifestyle store rather than a store selling homeware products. It sells everything from tableware to textiles, furniture, books, bbq’s for in the park, champaign coolers, all fitted for a particular lifestyle, being: enjoying life. Exclusiveness and warmth are important pillars of their brand and when you walk through their store you feel this. With their open kitchen in the back, it almost feels like your walking through someone’s home. There is always a great atmosphere and friendly staff. They even (often) have valet parking service, which is in Holland quite remarkable, and deliver gifts in a car which looks like a bag. Read The Rest

Seen at Pulse London 2011: beautiful fair trade design products by Unseen Products

When visiting Pulse London 2011 yesterday I came across a Dutch company that makes beautiful fair trade design products. This company, Unseen Products, aims to offer exclusive design products made by small producers in developing countries and make them accessible to the European retail market. Unseen Products is initiated by Dutch NCDO, the National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development.

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