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Top picks from Tent London 2011



The London Design Festival has come to an end, unfortunately. With bags full of information and a head full of inspiration, it’s now back to business! During the festival, a visit to Tent was high on my list, and it proved to be right up my street. As a result, there is simply too much I want to share, so here are just a few things I liked:

  • the ‘Festival’ mix and match tableware design collection of Mini Moderns, a collaboration with homeware brand Magpie.
  • the DEK table lamp by Khairul Hussin, where the coiling of the cord (usually the ugly part) has become part of the design. The lamp is made of recycled felt and oak wood.
  • the concrete collection by Ivanka Studio, including their stunning floor/wall tiles.
  • La Bibliochaise by Nobody & Co is a chair and bookstorage at the same time. It has hidden wheels and the leather cushions colors are customisable.

There were so many things I liked about Tent: the cutting-edge products, the innovation, and even the location (the Old Truman Brewery). I wish I didn’t have to wait a whole year!

Baked and ready to launch: The Muffin Pouffe

Only a few days left until The London Design Festival starts. During 9 days, more than 280 events across 25 design disciplines will be held across London. With so many events, getting the most out of the festival requires some rigorous planning. What definitely should be on the agenda is a visit to Tent London: a progressive exhibition where you can see the latest contemporary interior products. One product that will be launched during Tent London, and that should definitely be on your ‘must see’ list is the Muffin Pouffe.

The Muffin Pouffe is a brand new product design from Matteo Bianchi, Italian born designer and Director of Daruma Design Ltd. Having been very successful as an interior designer (and in my opinion ‘one to watch’) Matteo turned his hand to furniture design, of which the Muffin Pouffe is the result.

As the name suggests, it’s a muffin and a pouffe, but it’s more than that. As Matteo describes it: “This luscious and functional cushioned stool is not just a regular seating item, it is humorous and stylish, bursting personality, and it also includes a hidden storage. Made with the finest materials, prime-cut leather from North Italy area of Veneto and optimum solid woods, the feeling you get couldn’t be more overjoyed. These ingredients give you unlimited options in finishings and colors for you to bake your own Muffin, according to one’s personal taste!”

I asked Matteo who he sees as his typical customer Read The Rest