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Interior Design for a luxurious city apartment in London

I recently developed a design concept for a luxurious city apartment in London. Above you find a snapshot of the design concept. To explain a little more about what I did and why, find my ‘design philosophy’ below.

The Tower, at the beautiful location of St. George Wharf on the London Thames river, is a unique building in many ways. Its shape, its location and the construction techniques taking into account environmental sustainability. While creating a concept for an apartment in this building, I tried to make optimal use of these unique features, while also taking into account the lifestyle of a busy international client.

The concept I created is based on the following: comfort, 5 star luxury, style, modern, timeless and international. In addition I considered and integrated the latest home technology features based on ease, need and sustainability.

The provided structural layout of the apartment was inspired by the form of a Catherine wheel and was therefore slightly unusual, but above all unique. To emphasise the uniqueness, I elaborated on the form of the Catherine wheel when developing the floor plan. As a result the layout provides a natural consistency with the structure of the building. Read The Rest

Love Design- Love Decorex

28.. 27.. 26 days to go until Chelsea’s Royal Hospital grounds will transform into what is considered to be the event in the interior design industry: Decorex. It almost feels a bit like the time towards Christmas, where the excitement grows and everyone seems to be talking about only one thing.

With nearly 300 exhibitors, exciting features created exclusively for the show around this year’s theme ‘Cherished Places’, and a name for being trendsetting and innovative, I believe my excitement is justified.

Diana Yakeley, President of the British Institute of Interior Design, explains why she believes Decorex is an event not to be missed: “Free from the large corporate suppliers of office furniture or carpet tiles, designers have a chance to see the more desirable and unusual suppliers on well designed stands – it should be on everyone’s agenda for late September.”

Your Decorex journey will start as soon as you arrive at the lobby, which designers Nicky Haslam and Colette van den Thillart turned into a surreal, theatrical space with (to speak in interior design terms) a good portion of drama added.

As you explore further, you will discover exquisite trend setting products, come across new materials, find beautiful craftsmanship and (for the savvy minded) see the latest innovations in home technology. You will (re-) discover established names of the industry and meet the emerging designers of the future.

There will be new product introductions too. Such as the ‘Charleston Collection’ of beds and furniture designed by Nina Campbell for ‘And So To Bed’, which will be launched at Decorex, to name just one.

Adrenaline may just be enough to keep you going, but why not recharge at the enchanting riverside Café and Ranelagh Restaurant, designed by Broosk Saib, or drop by the exclusive Champagne Bar, designed by Martin Hulbert. What’s nicer than a combination of bubbles and design and indulge in true style?

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the show, find sanctuary at ‘And So To The Beach’, the ultimate coastal retreat, created by ‘And So To Bed’. This stand promises to be utterly tranquil with a soundscape of waves and gulls, and the perfect place to relax and find inspiration. Read The Rest

Chairs that make a fabulous living room feature



Give your living room an uplift with these stunning lounge chairs! Chairs with an unusual shape, feature, material or manufacturing method that bring ‘sitting’ to whole a new level. And they look great too. I’m sure you will steal the show with one of these in your home.

Top left: TriWing chair by Marco Hemmerling. The designer is an expert in computational design, which is most likely why it was made through computer based design and digital fabrication. By flipping the chair over, this chair cleverly transforms in either a dining, lounge, reading or deck chair.

Top right: Gladis lounge chair designed by Ayala Serfaty for Aqua Creations. This chair is made of polyurethane foam with a pre-shaped fabric cover. This comfortable looking chair is also available as a high chair, a love seat or a poof and in several colours.

Down left: Bufa chair by Polish company Mowo Studio. The strings on the sides can be pulled to change its shape. The chair is made of polyester felt and stainless steel.

Down right: Nord lounge chair by the Norwegian Petter Knudsen and Steinar Hindenes of Knudsen & Hindenes and was designed for VAD. This chair is made of solid pinewood, in combination with the colours make a rather cute and beautiful chair. Read The Rest

3D Printed Furniture- Nice Feature or The Future?



The first time I saw a 3D printer in process I remember very well. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This is already quite a few years ago and since then the world of 3D printing has changed massively. Initially mainly used as a method for prototyping it has now become accessible to a wide public and used in many industries. Recently, you also see more and more furniture items being made this way. As technology advances, printers become more advanced and make it possible to produce larger items. I have been asking myself the question lately whether this innovative technique is going to establish itself in the furniture design industry and whether this is going to be the future, or whether it will be used as a nice one-off interior feature, which is why I decided to blog about it.

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process and basically, what 3D printing does, is turning a digital file into an actual object by laying down layer upon layer of material until the object is complete. There are different types of machines and technologies as well as different materials. Recently it even has become possible to 3D print in glass, wood, ceramics, stainless steel, silver, etc. Read The Rest

Homes love gadgets and vice versa- The House of the Future

When visiting Grand Designs Live in London last week the thing that appealed to me most was The House of the Future, showcasing the latest technologies. Technology itself doesn’t interest me that much, but if translated into beautiful design and designed to make my life better and easier I am all ears and eyes. Combine that with a home expo and it shows that homes and gadgets are a match made in heaven. A few of the featured items are listed below. Read The Rest

Must have iPhone apps for interior design enthusiasts

For those who have an iPhone, and I know a lot of designers do (!), I’ve listed some apps that I find either useful, inspirational or fun.

1) MyPantone

If you need to create a colour scheme, the MyPantone app is a great tool. This app allows you to choose colours from Pantone’s colour library. You can also take a picture (or choose one from your phone) to capture and extract its colours. The app will automatically snap to the closest Pantone colour. You will have your shopping list ready before you know it.  Read The Rest


Welcome to this brand new blog! You have the honour to be one of the first to get a preview before sending out a message to the world. With a passion for design and innovation I am planning to provide you with posts on interiors, furniture, travel, technology, art, lifestyle and much more. Being located in London, much of my inspiration will come from Read The Rest